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Crypto Recovery - Get your lost cryptocurrency back.

Zentau can help anyone who lost cryptocurrency funds as a result of a theft, scam, hack, ransomware attack, exchange hack, ransom paid in cases such as kidnapping, an ICO scam, or by sending cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address.



We can help get your funds back.

  • Stolen BTC or ETH? 

  • Victim of a cryptocurrency scam?

  • Did someone steal your bitcoin?

  • We can help get your funds back.

We recover stolen cryptocurrency for individuals, groups, businesses, and governments around the world. 


If you’ve lost cryptocurrency we:


  • Track down fund recipients

  • Seize crypto assets safely and securely

  • Follow the chain of evidence standards

  • Hunt down the source of illicit acts involving cryptocurrency


How We Work:


No two cases are alike. Therefore, we begin with an initial consultation to get an understanding of your unique situation and determine whether or not we can really help you. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. If we think we can deliver a successful result, we will then provide you with a breakdown of the costs involved to track down and recover stolen funds.


Upon your agreement, we launch into a robust cryptocurrency investigation. If necessary, we will work with law enforcement and/or travel to the individual who defrauded you or exchange location.

Safely and securely seizing and recovering your cryptocurrency assets is not an easy process. That’s why we don’t take on cases we don’t think we can resolve successfully. It takes a bit of time. Our due diligence, perseverance, experience, and resources arm us with the greatest likelihood of success.



How can we help you?


We think about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as investigators, not investors. If you’ve lost your cryptocurrency assets for any reason schedule a 60 minute consultation. Book your consultation today.


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