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It’s a nightmare scenario. Someone you love is kidnapped, extorted, or in a life-threatening crisis. The perpetrators demand payment in their preferred cryptocurrency to resolve the threat. What do you do?


Call in Zentau, specialists in cryptocurrency-related investigations and crisis response involving cryptocurrency. Protect your most important and valued asset.


Kidnapping for ransom and extortion are multi-billion dollar industries predicated on fear and risk. Because of its pseudonymity and cross-border convenience, cryptocurrency is becoming the weapon and reward of choice for the perpetrators of crimes including kidnapping and extortion.


Zen Tau called upon by insurance agencies, corporations, law enforcement, families, and individuals to aid in cryptocurrency ransom negotiation, procurement, and facilitate the transaction exchange in crimes such as:


  • Kidnapping

  • Extortion

  • Wrongful Detention

  • Hijacking

Our expert cryptocurrency specialists are based around the world and can respond to crisis quickly, efficiently, and safely.




We can help.


We think about cryptocurrencies investigators, not investors. Time is of the essence. Every second matters. Contact us today.


Extortion, Sextortion and Crypto! Oh My! #75

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