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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Forensic Services

Cryptocurrency is emerging as the financial currency of choice for today’s to commit crimes. The next evolution of crime-fighting is crypto forensics. Cryptocurrency digital artifacts from a suspect’s device are vital.  Properly extracting and preserving this information could make or break your case. 


We think about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as investigators, not investors. As cryptocurrency investigation specialists we implement a number of finch forensic strategies and methods to trace crypto transactions and follow the trail of digital currency breadcrumbs.


That’s why Zentau is called upon to conduct investigations and train law enforcement, government, and the investigative community to expertly conduct computer forensics, and provide expert witness testimony.


We offer the following cryptocurrency forensic services:

  • Blockchain

  • Cold Storage

  • Hardware Wallets

  • Desktop Wallets

  • Web Wallets

  • Mobile Wallets

  • Seeds

  • Nodes

  • Digital Asset Exchanges

  • Settlement System

  • Ransomware Recovery


We’re here to help.


Cryptocurrency is used in illegal activities such as the illegal trade of drugs, weapons, goods and services, ransomware-as-a-service, stolen IDs and credit cards, human trafficking, terrorism, and the sale of sexual abuse material.


Contact us today to advance your investigation, identify suspects, gather criminal intelligence, and prove illicit activities involving cryptocurrency.


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