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Bitcoin Kidnappings that End Bad

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Unfortunately, not all crypto-ransom crimes end with the safe recovery of the victim and successful prosecution of the perpetrators. Sportsbook owner and professional gambler William Sean Creighton, AKA “5Dimes Tony”, was kidnapped in September 2018. Reportedly Creighton, an American living in Costa Rica, was driving his Porsche Cayman Turbo when he was forced off the road and taken by two gunmen in a BMW and another two on motorcycles.

The next day Creighton’s abductors called Creighton’s wife and demanded $950,800USD in bitcoin and threatened to kill Creighton if the ransom was not paid. The ransom was paid. Investigators were called and, subsequently, the police was alerted.

A couple of months later authorities announced that the three people wanted in connection with the kidnapping had fled to Cuba then traveled to Spain where authorities arrested them and charged them as ringleaders of the crypto-ransom plot. Unconfirmed by police, and possibly false, claims have been made that Creighton’s body had been found.

Some cryptocurrency-related crimes may be hoaxes executed for personal gain. The wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen, Anne-Elisabeth Galkevik Hagen, was supposedly abducted in late 2018.

Reportedly kidnappers demanded about 9 Million Euros as a ransom to be paid in cryptocurrency. Norwegian chief police investigator Tommy Broeske said law enforcement “cannot exclude” the idea that a kidnapping had been staged to mask the victim’s death. As yet, no one has been named as a suspect or person of interest.

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