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Crypto Ransomware Recovery-

Have you been hit with a ransomware attack?

A ransomware attack can be devastating to an organization. Your files are locked. Applications are shut down. Critical business functions are crippled.


Client trust and reputations can be lost. The response must be swift, efficient, and successful in order to recover from a ransomware attack and minimize its impact on costs and business interruptions.

Don’t panic, no matter where you are - we can help:

  • We Contain the event

  • We Prevent infection from entering additional systems

  • We Get decryption keys

  • We Identify the attack vector

  • We Investigate malicious behavior on your network

  • We Reverse engineer decryption utilities provided by the attacker

  • We Make sure no malicious code exists

  • We Develop and implement a system recovery plan

  • We Monitor business systems for ensuing attacks and reinfection.

Ransomware is a major threat to the government and companies of all sizes in all sectors. Cybercriminals constantly evolve their strategies and methods of attack, concentrating on areas that provide the highest payback for the least effort.

Our team of 7 will take charge in the recovery of your valuable data, minimize the impact of the attack, investigate the infection method and route of entry, get your business operational, and minimize the risk of further attacks.

How can we help you?
If you or your client have a current or foreseeable need, please contact us in confidence and without obligation.
We think about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as investigators, not investors.


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